Get Your Chinese Name and Learn How to Write Your Name in Chinese

Get Your Chinese Name and Learn How to Write Your Name in Chinese


  • Get an authentic and genuine Chinese name (A Chinese person would actually use)
  • Receive a video that teaches you how to write your name in Chinese stroke by stroke
  • The video also teaches you how to pronounce your Chinese name (step by step)
  • Practice writing your Chinese name on Writing Sheets (PDF)
  • Get your Chinese Name in two easy steps (see below)

Product Description

A native and authentic Chinese name as every Chinese has will immediately build intimacy with Chinese people and show your understanding about Chinese culture.

Chinese names are used by people in China and people throughout the world. A Chinese name consists of Xing (last name or family name) and Ming (first name or given name). In Chinese, the family name comes first, and followed by the given name. For example, a boy’s first name can be Wenfeng, and he belongs to the Zhang family. Chinese people call him Zhang Wenfeng, but not Wenfeng Zhang. Learn more about Chinese Names (Popular Chinese Names)

Authentic and Genuine Chinese Name

The Internet is full of sites with Chinese Names. The truth is that these names are not genuine, and Chinese people don’t use or like them. We are here to help you get a genuine Chinese name that is in actual use by Chinese people. Also, your Chinese name is created (not by machine) based on your English name, Chinese naming techniques (such as Chinese Zodiac and the Five Elements).

Video to Teach You Pronounce Your Name in Chinese

Isn’t that cool to learn how to pronounce your Chinese name? In additional to creating an authentic name for you, we also make a video that teaches you how to pronounce your Chinese name in Mandarin Chinese. We teach you how to pronounce you name in a slow speed, so that you can hear how your name is articulated while following along. Then, you will listen to your Chinese name in regular speech and follow along.

Video to Teach You Write Your Name in Chinese

It will be a lot cooler if you know how to write your name in Chinese characters. The video also teaches you how to write your Chinese name in Chinese symbols and characters step by step (or stroke by stroke). The characters are written in simplified Chinese characters (used in Mainland Chinese and many communities abroad).

Character Writing Worksheet

In order to help you practice writing your Chinese name, we create Chinese character writing worksheet in PDF. All you have to do is to print them out and practice.

Get Your Chinese Name in Two Simple Steps

Step 1: Make a Payment of $10
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Step 2: Fill in the Form Below

After we received you payment and the form, you will receive your order through email within 48 hours. Also, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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